CDK uses a multi-value database based on PICK. PICK has a query language called ENGLISH, which is similar to SQL for RDBMS databases. I received a digital file of a scan of a hard copy document called ENGLISH Quick Reference from an insider at CDK which has proved useful when using the ENG function in Drive. alt CDK ENGLISH Quick Refernce

The verbs selection has been the most useful.

Another tip I received from a trainer was the ENG function in Drive. Using this function it’s possible to get all of the dictionary properties / names of a database file. Take the file CAR-INV. To get all of its dictionary names use this command in the ENG shell “SORT CAR-INV DICT ONLY”. In CDK’s documentation of its EIPs it generously provided the underlying file name of each property, but it didn’t provide the dictionary name. So knowing the actual dictionary property name assists with queries with clauses that use a value other than the default HostItemID. alt CDK ENG function

The output will be a list of dictionary items. The item names are usually obvious enough such that I can map them to the matching property of the EIP. alt CDK ENG SORT <FILE NAME> DICT ONLY results