CDK sent the email below to Canadian users on Friday 8-Dec-2017 (Fridays are used to “take out the trash” so its use as the release day makes one wary)

We are pleased to announce a new security measure to help protect your DMS. CDK Global has now deployed CAPTCHA technology to help prevent automated systems from connecting to the CDK DMS and compromising DMS availability. Financial, banking, and e-commerce websites commonly use CAPTCHA technology as a best practice to help protect proprietary and sensitive information from unauthorized access. CAPTCHA technology helps inhibit unauthorized access by requiring users to verify that they are a human. When logging in, users must complete a random visual test that is easily accomplished by humans but difficult for computers to complete. For more information on how to detect non-authorized access, including the use of DDX reports, please read our FAQ on DDX Non-Authorized Access Reporting. Adding CAPTCHA capability is part of our continuing effort to improve data security on your behalf. We thank you for continued partnership and ask that you direct any questions related to CAPTCHA deployment to the DDX Support team through the functionality available in DDX, call 855.795.9588 or submit your request to

A CDK representative stated that the CAPTCHA was being deployed as a security feature to stop automated systems trying to access Drive as opposed to individual users signing on. It should not impact the day to day user logon.

My concern with the above statement is that Drive is an anemic interface for doing hundreds, or thousands of repetitive operations necessitating the use of robot process automation to accomplish in Drive what would take a full time employee, therefore adding a CAPTCHA could legitimately hurt a viable business process. Yes a CAPTCHA is a security feature that may be of use to some dealerships, however be honest CDK; the CAPTCHA is about enforcing all third parties to use the CDK third party agreement interface to ensure that it does not lose revenue.