While Cox Automotive battles it out with CDK and Reynolds & Reynolds for access to a dealership’s data CDK has introduced the latest version of its Dealer Data Access products. The still current Dealer Data Access products include Drive’s ERPG and operational reports which come with a licence of Drive. The optional products are Data Wizard which is a bulk extract tool that lets a dealer export data from Drive using predefined data definitions to a flexible destination format. In our case, we use the export to RBDMS using an ODBC driver and connection preconfigured in Windows. The other side to DDA is DAP (Data Access Program??? - too many acronyms), and its EIP (Enterprise Integration Points). These can be used for ad-hoc queries of the predefined data points in Drive. They can also be used for write back to Drive which is great for creating automation processes. As with everything in a DMS, these add-ons cost money, and the dealership will need to contract with the DMS provider to get them.

For us, the Data Wizard product has been invaluable as we now have a 100GB data warehouse in SQL Server with 5 years of historical information. Since CDK requires us to purge data from the server to conserve space (why is this even a requirement in the day of cheap terrabytes?!?) we would lose the ability to do year-over-year reporting rather quickly if weren’t for our data warehouse. This data warehouse is the goto for all financial reporting, and really makes using the CDK DMS somewhat pleasurable. However, all good things must come to an end, and so CDK announced that Data Wizard will be sunset and replaced by Data Access Bulk Extract (DABE). What is DABE? That will come shortly.